Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm getting tired.

I’m getting tired.

I appreciate the Paducah Sun’s generally positive editorial on the PRDA’s efforts to recommend a way forward on the riverfront’s, to use the pejorative, “rock pile.”  Again, what is so great about partially finishing the park to conserve monies to get the transient boat dock partially finished?

All of this is purely academic.  Until we get contractor’s bids, and our track record on the “bump out” has been less than stellar, we really have no idea as to what we can build and at what cost.  Why do we still hold onto a riverfront plan that was developed in 2007?  The world is changing.

In the Berenstain Bears children’s book Get The Gimmies we learn that bear cubs cannot have everything they see.  Likewise, does the city have that old “gimmie gleam” in their eyes? With my “no” vote, it will probably be another 4-1 vote.

I’m just tired of talking about all this spending.  Maybe I should quit talking. My fellow commissioners and the mayor probably would be happier with me……but…..I suspect you will hear more from me. 

I’m pulling for you.


  1. Please don't stop being the voice of reason. We need more voices like yours.

  2. I would like to hear someone talk about the "return" on this investment. What are the long term benefits of having this project completed? Do they justify the cost? That seems to be the real issue, more than the actual cost.

    1. An excellent point from Bill! The role of the City is to foster the stabile long term development of a quality of life that serves the residents. Simply demonstrate the math behind the options and the better choices should be revealed...

  3. I know a great place to get a good cuppa Joe...will energize you.*S Keep it up, we are counting on you, Allan.

  4. Fortunately, there is more than one issue to play with and you get to be reasonable over and over again! You know it's a stamina game and you've got the guts to maintain the course...


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